Wills & Trusts
Death is something we all face. Getting your legal affairs in order will make sure your loved ones are taken care of when you aren’t there anymore. After all, a will is not only about the money.
  • Who will be the guardian of your child(ren)?
  • Who can you trust with access to your assets?
  • What happens when people die “in the wrong order?”
  • If you leave minor children behind, when should they get your estate?
In addition to having a will, a trust can be a useful tool for smoothing the transition of your assets, or providing for asset management for minor or disabled family members. If you don’t yet have a plan in place for managing your estate, we should talk.
If you are some distance away and need a will and/or trust quickly, you can fill out one of these Online Questionnaires and make an online payment. We will send you your will and/or trust via secure email.